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Welcome to the Tribal Forum Of knightnet , in the world of Gaming.
Official website has also been created

We consist in the Gaming world on
Running 3 tribes . "Knights Of Cameot"  Tribal Tag "+KN+"

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Sir King Arthur , May 23, 11 5:12 AM.
I may not be a man with allot to say, but this i give to you as thought.
it has been said , that all comes with a price,
we seek what we see,
in the dreams of a child,
but we some how don't conquer the true value of
live, cause of our own demolition thoughts we
obtain through the western world.
We seek and do not find the true space of freedom,
cause we live the lives,
others want us to have and we forget who we are,
and where we come from.
only the godly power we all experience can lead the way to our destiny,
a destiny we can only change once revealed to us.
But the world shut our eyes,
and we die trying to follow our own destiny.
may the path of your life be revealed in a way ,
not created by man.
We hear voices, we see faces, we send messages, to what extend are we prepared, to make those words count, for he who gives to the unreached, will be accountable for his wishes.
The chains of life, we create for ourself, the pain we endure, we make of as life experience to grow old.That what we gain, we take as our own, and we consider it to pass it on to those we think deserves it most.
But who are we to judge, or to take or to give what is not ours.
Who are we to give blessing, if we don't have the strength to kiss the feet of our enemy, who only knows how to kill and to hurt those we love.
The way of teachings form our mind to find ......?
You may never know, or die trying,...............................................
or live to have honor till the wind takes your voice.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Sir King Arthur , Sep 3, 10 5:31 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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